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Five Questions with Julian Castagna

1. What do you consider the most important factor when it comes to making a good wine? - That it reflects the vineyard where the fruit is grown. It's as simple as that. 2. Tell us a little bit about your estate in Beechworth...why did you come to pick that spot, and not the better known Barossa Valley? - I chose Beechworth because after spending fifteen years in London, I looked around Australia for wines that I liked and I found one in Beechworth and one in Margaret River. I didn't want to live in Margaret River, and there was a beautiful piece of land available in Beechworth and so I bought it. 3. I've heard rumours that there will be no 2011 vintage - is that true? - Yes, it's true. There will be nothing coming out of Castagna in the 2011 vintage. The wines tasted like water-ed down Barossa wines, so nothing! 4. What do you think you would have been doing if you hadn't decided to become a winemaker? - I only know two things: wine and film. And I've worked in both. 5. And finally, if you had to host a dinner party for three guests (fictional or real, dead or living) who would you invite and what would you drink? - Thomas Jefferson - not only because he was a knowledgeable wine connoisseur but because he was an intelligent and insightful politician - something which seems greatly lacking today in whatever country you're in. - George Saintsbury - whose book "Notes on the cellar book" published in 1920 is still one of the fabulous books on food and wine ever published - and kept me up many nights reading and re-reading it when I first found it. I have a first edition copy. - Marie Curie - because undoubtedly she was one of the great women of her time with an incredible mind and a dinner party without at least one woman is not much fun. · 1954 La Tache - not because it was such a great wine but it because it was the first wine to truly blow me away - and probably was the start of my passion with wine. · 1961 La Chapelle Hermitage - which is truly a great wine - probably the best Shiraz wine ever made. · 2001 Castagna Genesis Syrah - because I guess it's appropriate to show them one of our wines - 2001 was our third vintage and pretty good.

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